Experience+ Training

From 1 July 2010, the Government is investing $7.68 million (over 4 years, excludes GST) into Experience+ Training.  Experience+ Training helps employers provide quality training for their mature age workers, increasing the capacity of mature age workers to provide effective mentoring, supervisory and other practical support to apprentices and trainees in the workplace.

 Experience+ Training is available to:

  • Employers operating in Australia who employ a mature age worker under an Award or Certified Agreement for at least 15 hours per week AND who employ at least one apprentice or trainee who works at the same location/site as the mature age worker, or
  • Small business owners operating in Australia who are themselves mature age workers (working in their own business for at least 15 hours per week) AND who employ at least one apprentice or trainee who works at the same location/site as the small business owner.

Experience+ Training allows eligible employers to apply for $4,950 (includes GST) to pay for, or contribute to, the cost of approved training for a mature age worker. Funding for Experience+ Training is provided to the employer in 2 installments:

  • a ‘start up’ payment of $3,500 (includes $318.18 GST),
  • a ‘completion’ payment of $1,450 (includes $131.80 GST).

Learn more about this funding program for mature age workers on http://tiny.cc/tn3bj

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