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Holiday Season Safety Tips from NRMA

At Quay Appointments, we take our obligation towards the safety of our employees very seriously. Our company policy requires an OH&S site audit and all workers receive an OH&S awareness training. We are clear about our responsibility to provide a … Continue reading

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What does your Handshake say about you?

You don’t realise how much you communicate through a simple handshake. The Fail-Safe Connect the web between your index finger and thumb firmly with the other person’s and pump two or three times. This is confident and always appropriate. The … Continue reading

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Recruitment Extra Article November 2010

On Screen by Mike Beeley, CEO, ReAgent Employer Marketing Quay Appointments ‘A website doesn’t have to be completely redesigned and built to have an overhaul – sometimes just one or two features can bring life and interest to it. Quay … Continue reading

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What Do You Sound Like Over The Phone?

Phone calls are an essential part of everyday work structure. You receive calls from important clients who have never met you before, and through the call, they are forming their own conclusion about you. Although we are all familiar with … Continue reading

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How do I manage luncheon interviews?

Corporate lunches have been in existence for years and now a new trend is emerging in Sydney, ‘luncheon interviews’. From PA to management roles, it’s not only great time saver but also an opportunity to evaluate a candidate’s skills in … Continue reading

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